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Xico Peligroso is an indie pop and dance music producer from San Francisco, CA. With over a million streams in 2021 and radio placements in London, Mexico City, and Perth, Xico continues to make a name for himself in this highly competitive space. Xico is an energetic live performer who brings elements of arena pop spectacles (videos, choreography, costume changes) to the dive bars and gritty clubs he calls home. His latest project, SEASONS, is being revealed through a collection of singles and EPs, the first two of which (Disappear and wtfdoiknow) are available now. The project's focus on dance and synthwave genres is a welcome departure from the warmth and playfulness of 2019's Good is Better Than Perfect, for a world that has been deprived of dancing for far too long. The next installment of SEASONS, a four-track EP titled Born to Change, will release this summer.

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