Xico Peligroso is an electronic music producer and multimedia artist from San Francisco, California. Citing an expansive and diverse group of influences, Xico embraces fluidity, slipping in and out of various genres from track to track, album to album. Across his catalog one might hear, for example, glimpses of Scissor Sisters, Sufjan Stevens, Lady Gaga, Fischerspooner, The Human League, Jason Mraz, Weezer, Madonna, or Daft Punk. Though the sounds change, at his core Xico is a singer/songwriter intent on sharing his stories and perspectives with the world.


Consistent with this theme, Xico is readying his next project, SEASONS, a double LP scheduled to be released in four parts, each with their own distinct sound and themes. SEASONS marks Xico’s most direct foray yet into dance music territory, fully embracing his disco, house, and EDM fantasies. Aching for a return to bars, clubs, and back alley parties, Xico is bringing his best to welcome everyone back to the dance floor in 2021.