Xico Peligroso is an electronic musician, songwriter, producer, and vocalist. Featured on Artefaktor radio, Jango Radio’s '2018 Indie Summer' station and Shoudout’s 'Best New Music 2019' playlist, Xico continues to surprise and delight listeners with his playful and honest storytelling.


Xico's sound is hard to pinpoint because it shifts from album to album, track to track. At his core, he is a singer/songwriter intent on sharing his stories. These stories each come to life in their own unique way, flavored by his broad and diverse list of influencers. One might hear glimpses of Scissor Sisters on the disco-tinged Turn That Shit Around or Nine Inch Nails on the aging gay man's lament, Twink. Lana Del Rey can be heard in the textures and dark warmth of Until the Whistle Blows, while the sunny resoluteness of I Won't Go bring to mind the summery vibes of Jason Mraz. That is until the chorus hits and takes on the playful, distorted bliss of Weezer. Xico credits this affinity for shapeshifting to perhaps his greatest influence of all, Madonna. His music is as authentic and unpredictable as he is.


Unsurprisingly, Xico once again jumps off in a different direction on Good is Better Than Perfect, his first full length album since 2016’s Scar City. Written and recorded over a period of five years, Good examines the role that perfectionism — a trait so common in gay men — has played in his life. Xico reflects on loss and regret in the bright yet melancholic Home and advocates for imperfect love on the disco-meets-sitar banger Yoga. Buzzing synthesizers, punchy beats, and an eclectic mix of traditional instruments breathe unique life into each track. Confident without being overly serious, Xico gives listeners the deepest look yet into his rich inner world. It may not be perfect, but it sure is GOOD.